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Business is at the heart of our sustainablity.

Business is provision not just for our Village but for our workers.

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Economic development

The businesses at Villages of Hope generate 60% of the operating budget needed for the Village, and School.  The businesses have also allowed us to impact the community as we have created over 130 jobs in an area where only 15% of the population are on a payroll.  For everyone who does get a regular paycheck, there are 6-8 beneficiaries.  People have food, school fees are paid, seeds can be bought for crops, children have a place to live, and much more.  Through our job creation we are impacting over 1000 individuals.

Another benefit is that we now have training locations for the children in the Village as well as some of the school students. They are able to learn about food services in the Restaurant, agriculture working with the animals and crops, construction working beside our builders, plumbing, woodworking, driving, and more.

Our businesses include a restaurant, the largest truck stop in the country, large equipment rental, farm market, and mini-mart.


The need

The care of children involves long term commitment both presence and financial.  The daily needs of children for food, clothing, housing, medical care, education cannot end if donors cease giving.  The work and ministry here cannot be solely dependent on the economic situation in the West.  Therefore, our focus has been on developing businesses that will help sustain the call and ministry to the least of these. 


Village snap shot

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We have 7 unique businesses in different sectors

list out the different businesses

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They cover 60% of the villages expenses

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We employ over 130 locals with a wide rang of jobs

 Every 1 person that works, XX amount benefit, resulting in over 1,000+ people benefiting from jobs we have created. 

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We serve over 250,000 meals served a year.

Through our restaurant and taking care of our employees our impact extends past the village. 


Local and international partnerships

All Kids Can Learn International is looking for business partners who are willing to help invest in the children through businesses at our site and this rural Zambian community in job creation and economic development.


Learn about our model.

We developed our model to care for the whole child in a sustainable and enduring structure.

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To excel in life, one needs knowledge and practical skills.

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At the core we are a family centered village.

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A balanced nutritious diet and access to health services is critical.

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