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We are commited to wholistic health.

As our children grow we ensure that they have their health covered with nutritious food, a health clinic and other stuff. 

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Agriculture and food security. 

We are a farm.  In 2017 we harvested 70 tons of maize (corn), the main starch of the diet in Zambia.  In addition we grow beans, and sunflowers (for cooking oil).­­  To provide fresh vegetables we grow tomatoes, cabbages, spinach, Chinese cabbage and other green leafy vegetables.  Our irrigation system allows us to irrigate several of our fields throughout the dry season (April-November) to maintain fresh food throughout the year.

Our orchard contains over 200 banana, orange, grapefruit, guava, and mango trees.

Our 40 dairy cows provide fresh milk to the children in the village as well as beef.  We have 200 egg layers, providing eggs for the Village, the school, and the restaurant.  We regularly have 400-500 broilers that are maturing to provide chicken for the meals for children in the Village.  A herd of 80 goats also provide meat.


The need

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Health snap shot

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Over 1,000 children and adults are cared for.

Our clinic and staff are the source for medical care of over 1,000 people. 

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900 nutritious meals served over school.

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70 tons of maze produced

What happens with the maze and how does it impact who. 

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Esther house

The Esther house was built in 2017 to provide a safe place for young girls who become pregnant.  The pregnancy rate among young women is very high in the rural areas of Zambia.  Often girls are forced to leave their homes when the pregnancy is discovered.  Also, although against the law, girls often attempt to abort using very primitive and unsafe means, meaning that they are never able to have children again.  The Esther house is place where the girls can come, receive excellent medical attention, training in taking care of their babies, and most of all love and encouragement.

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Hope Clinic

Talk about the clinic. And how it is set up to help your kids and your workers.

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Expanding our impact. 

As we seek to reach the most vulnerable and provide them with the most basic of human rights, healthcare, we have on going needs, both operational as well as specific projects. Here are some ways you get involved. 


Learn about our model.

We developed our model to care for the whole child in a sustainable and enduring structure.

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To excel in life, one needs knowledge and practical skills.

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At the core we are a family centered village.

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A balanced nutritious diet and access to health services is critical.

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