Creating change for Zambia's vulnerable.


A wholistic and enduring model

We know food and shelter aren't enough, so we take into account the whole child to truly create the hope and change they deserve.  We build our model around 4 key focal points.

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Family Centered Care

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Health & Nutrition

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Quality Education

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Economic Security


A family centered village.

There is a great need here in Zambia to look after vulnerable and orphaned children affected by HIV/AIDS. Our village emphasizes family and is structured to support kids that range from toddlers to teenagers.  We want them to know they are loved, valuable and have a calling from God.


Total Health

We want our kids to grow up strong and healthy. Providing a healthy environment means physical, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  For physical health we ensure children have a balanced, healthy diet and access to healthcare. We see this same need in the community at large, so we have launched health-centered initiatives to enhance the lives of villagers around us.


Quality Education

To ensure our children and children in the surrounding community have access to quality education, we started School of Hope. Our school is accessible to villages within a 30- mile radius of Villages of Hope. School of Hope was launched in the early days of our organization and has grown into a blessing for the wider community.



Economic Sustainability

Our businesses are key financial contributors to our model of economic sustainability.  We provide jobs as well as opportunities to train our graduates and other local individuals in new trade skills.  Our goal is to better their lives and positively impact the community.