Love and security is the foundation for healing and growth. 


A Village Of Hope.

The village is family-centered with houses of 8-10 children (either boys or girls) living together. Each house has a house mother or father.  Children learn basic living skills; cook the food, clean, do their own laundry by hand, and care for one another.  Activities include bible studies, monthly birthday events, leading worship at church, sports activities, and group study times.

Our Village


There are 109 children

Our children range from ages 2 through 18.


We have 10 houses

Housing 8-12 children each.


With 8 house Mothers & Fathers

To provide a loving, secure attachment for each household.

Learn About Our Model.

Our village is just one of our points of focus, learn about the rest of our model.

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Quality Education

Education is the backbone of growth and opens doors to a wide range of future possibilities.

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Economic Sustainability

The key to the growth of our work is financial stability and economic sustainability.  

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Total Health

Access to healthcare and quality nutritious food is essential to the growth of our children.