Unconditional love is the cornerstone of transformation.

We have built a village to rescue those who have no one else and to let them know that they are loved.


A village of hope.

The Village is family centered with houses with 8-10 children (either boys or girls) living together. Each house has a house mother or father.  Children learn basic living skills; cook the food, clean, do their own laundry by hand, caring for one another.  Children over 12 are given the opportunity to work several hours a week for a small allowance doing such things as milking the cows, helping in the orchard, collecting eggs, harvesting the vegetables, etc.  Activities include Bible studies, monthly birthday events, leading worship at church, sports activities, group study times, etc.


The need

Zambia has been hit hard by the AIDS pandemic.  The impact is great:
        10 % of the population are orphans - 1.4 million orphans
        50 % of the population are under the age of 15
        Bookend generations (children and aged) are left without the help and strength of the ages between


Village snap shot

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There are 85 children

Our children range from ages 2 through 18.  

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We have 10 houses

Anywhere from 8-12 children live in each house

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8 house mothers and fathers

House mothers and fathers provided a loving secure attachment for each household 


How you can help us. 

The need here is great and we are often welcoming in new members of our family here at Villages of hope. This means that we have on going operational expenses as well as project specific needs. Below are some of our current needs.


Learn about our model.

We developed our model to care for the whole child in a sustainable and enduring structure.

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To excel in life, one needs knowledge and practical skills.

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At the core we are a family centered village.

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Economic development

At the core we are a family centered village.

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A balanced nutritious diet and access to health services is critical.

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Donate now

It is only through donors like yourself that we are able to create real and lasting impact in these children’s lives.

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