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Knowledge is the seed to greatness.

We saw a great need to provide quality Christian education not just for our children from the Village of Hope, but also for children in the surrounding communities.  Many of these children are not able to read or write or do simple math problems.  Resources are scarce for books, learning materials, and educational resources. 

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School of hope

School of Hope provides education for Preschool to Grade 12.  The Zambian curriculum is taught in what are new and innovative ways for Zambia.  Learning activities, reading groups, art designed learning, small group work, hands-on projects, and much more provide learning in a brain-based learning environment.  Teachers are Zambian trained and participate in on-going professional development as they teach using best practices.  School of Hope is striving towards high academic achievement (surpassing the national average on all national exams) as well as vocational learning opportunities.  Plans are underway for a vocational training program to teach a variety of skills for future employment.


The need

In rural Zambia, the government is challenged to provide quality education, due to a shortage of classrooms, teachers, and teaching materials and books.  In order to provide quality education to prepare our students in the Village for life and jobs, we saw the need to build our own school.  Word quickly spread and parents in the surrounding community asked to send their children to School of Hope.  The school has been growing by about 100 students each year for the last 7 years. 


Education snap shot

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We employ teachers 45

Blurb about teachers and their training. 

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Teaching over 650 students

A blurb about the yearly growth of the school. 

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With preschool to grade 12

Children starting school as young as XX and we have graduated over 60 seniors.

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Host continuing education for teachers

Over 500 teachers from the area have attended the 12 workshops we have held.

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Hope College of education  

HOPE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION provides a way for individuals to pursue a career in
education affordably and pave the way to improved student learning in Zambia.  We hold
a unique and enviable position in Zambian tertiary education. Our dual commitment to
exceptional academics and vibrant Christian formation guides our direction, shapes our
priorities, and creates the learning and living community that is Hope College of
Education. The college will help provide high-quality education, foster excellence among
Zambian educators and facilitate educational attainment and future professional success
for Zambia’s youth. This is an ambitious plan focused on four strategic goals that reflect
the primary areas of challenge and opportunity for the college. These goals are also
considered to have the highest impact upon student learning and professional


Our Current Need

With our pursuit to provide world class education for both our students and our teachers we have a range of on going needs. We would love for you to partner with us.

Expanding classrooms and infrastructure. I am going to look into putting a plug in here through a third party fundraising platform. So people can donate to specific needs. 


Learn about our model.

We developed our model to care for the whole child in a sustainable and enduring structure.

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We focus on a family centered approach for the village.

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Financial security is crucial to long lasting operation. 

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A balanced nutritious diet and access to health services is critical.

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